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Portlander here. One thing to clarify about that narrative – The PPB (Portland Police Bureau) have been gassing us and beating us for 50 days before the feds arrived. The only thing that the feds did differently was the unmarked vans. Yes, the mayor vocalized wanting the feds gone, but the widely held consensus among the protestors is that it’s a way to shift the narrative. We call the mayor Teargas Ted. Things were not “peaceful” before the feds. Why does the guy putting out false info get gilded but not someone like you that lives there speaking the truth? Reddit really is a giant circle-jerk. False statements supporting your beliefs? Gold. True statements contradicting your politically driven narrative? Downvote.

Flamingo Assuming I’m Just An Old Lady Was Your First Mistake Shirt

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To be fair, the group who broke into the justice center and set fire were not liberal protesters. The man, Edward Schinzing, has a Facebook profile, and all his friends push alt-right conspiracy theories. He was identified because he went shirtless while inside, and his surname was tattooed on his back. Justifying the use of force against BLM peaceful protesters, based on the actions of these individuals, is wrong. We do not arrest citizens who have committed 0 crimes for participating in a protest with someone else who committed a crime.