Flamingo Assuming I’m Just An Old Lady Was Your First Mistake Shirt

“On 5 May 1988, during a two-week hiatus from the national tour of Drood, Rose was tortured and beaten to death by his adopted son, the boy’s biological father, an uncle, and a friend of the father. The assailants tried to make the death look like a car accident but soon confessed to killing Rose. Though all four men were charged and spent time in prison, no trial was ever held, and eventually, all were released.”

Flamingo Assuming I’m Just An Old Lady Was Your First Mistake Shirt 


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There are all these stories about the sang froid of the first-class men but this man was just the working-class version but better. Spent the whole sinking trying to help others by making sure there was bread in the boats for passengers and then the chair-throwing, gave up his place in a boat, did everything until there was nothing he could do, went for a good drink and had his best crack at surviving. And he bastard well did it after having literally rearranged the deckchairs on the Titanic. Legend.

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