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“If I had a stroke it’d be the most beautiful stroke you’d ever see. I mean just beautiful. I assume people would come up to me and say “I am a doctor and never in my line of work have I seen such an impressive stroke”. and I’d be like “I know”. Probably a more beautiful stroke than any in history. Believe me, I’d know. But I’ve never had a stroke. Now you may want to look into Sleepy Joe over there, falling asleep on everything. He could be having a stroke right this moment. Maybe it’ll change his thoughts into terrorist ones. Who knows? I would”.

Fill The Seat Trump Pence 2020 Shirt


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From my understanding, no one reported he had a mini-stroke, rather that he was simply hospitalized. So in his denial, he offers brand new information. Kinda like when I was younger and people would ask if I smoked, and my dumbass would say: “smoke what?” I once said to a coworker “If I heard Trump say ‘The sky is blue’ then Id have to go outside to make sure it’s not green.” Even when he says things that make sense or I agree with, which is vanishingly rare, I have to think real hard about the potential lies it could stem from.