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Well, our brains only start to work during pregnancy so that when we are born, before there is no real question where we were since we didn’t exist in any way, and we can define ourselves because our brains works, from a scientific point of view we have the answer to that question, only if you want to argue that there is something before we are born it’s mostly assumptions and for most people, it doesn’t matter but our Afterlife is far more important for people, that’s why no one asks.

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In certain cultures like Buddhism and Hinduism probably, there’s the concept of reincarnation and the cycle of births, or being reincarnated until salvation (moksha) is achieved. I haven’t read what determines the circumstances into which we’re reborn but it has some connotation to cumulative karma. Because I know where I was, I was in my dad’s nutsack. And before that, I was probably a pile of mashed potatoes or glass of orange juice that he drank.