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I just didn’t want to raise someone else’s children which pissed off, I mean pissed off many of my female co-workers. It was like I was personally attacking them because I didn’t want to be a weekend daddy to some other dudes kid. Like I should be waiting in line to put a ring on someone’s finger who has already proven they couldn’t make it work with the baby’s father, but somehow it will be different from the next guy.

Fantastic I Would Like Triple 2020 Shirt

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However my now wife asked why I didn’t want children, I explained that it wasn’t that I didn’t want children, I just didn’t want someone else’s kid. This apparently opened her mind as she put it that, that’s what she also wanted. So for over a year we dated and she never pressured me for marriage, she never asked me to pay her rent, she proved she didn’t need to use me at all, we just made good friends. So I proposed, she said yes. 11 years of marriage with two great boys.