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They never distinguished between consensual and non-consensual. It was always the girl’s fault, even in cases of adults with children or in forceful rape, etc. I was just telling my therapist a few weeks ago that I honestly think that everyone else’s reaction and the religious environment I grew up in was more damaging than the abuse itself. (I’m sure it’s not that way for everyone, but I’m just speaking about me personally).

Fantastic I Cant See Pride Rally LGBTQ Ally Shirt

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Now all these people are posting #savethechildren with sweet little messages about how if someone abuses kids, they’ll knock their teeth in… Um hello! Where was that same outrage when I was being abused and trying to get someone to help? Where was that passion when I was being forced to have this man in my home? Where was my mandated reporter when I told a teacher about the abuse? It’s so fucking infuriating.












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