FaNooLous Teacher Witch Halloween Shirt

I love the taste of coffee, but I agree the smell is better than the taste That’s probably true for most aromatic things. I just get more out of the taste + consuming it than the then just smelling it. Lucky for me I get to enjoy all of it where you just get a small portion of it. I know you’re just fooling around, no offense here. My own two cents though – black coffee is the most delicious thing on this planet. I think black coffee is an excellent example of an acquired taste.

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FaNooLous Teacher Witch Halloween Shirt

I don’t drink the fancy flavored stuff, I like the flavor of coffee and don’t want anything added. I also don’t care about the caffeine. I drink decaf at night so I can continue to enjoy it without getting all hopped up. That’s how you know the real coffee lovers btw – the ones who drink decaf. I hope you’ve tasted a good cup of coffee. Ground from the bean in a little independent corner shop put through a good machine by a barista who’s been in the game for all of their life.

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