Faith Hope Love Pink Flamingo Ribbon Breast Cancer Awareness 2020 Shirt

It was 3 AM and I wasn’t going to chase him. I then spent 6 months fighting his insurance that it was actually him because he claimed someone stole his car and he wasn’t liable for the damages. Had to pay for background reports on all the people in my city with his name, tying that to an email, which I was then able to find his Instagram, verified it was him and called out a distinct tattoo I remembered seeing on his neck. Used that description with the police and FINALLY got the insurance company to seriously confront the guy and he cracked/admitted to being the driver that night.

Faith Hope Love Pink Flamingo Ribbon Breast Cancer Awareness 2020 Shirt

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I have called 911 twice recently. Once because a man was strangling a woman in her car outside my house, once when ten people were fighting. Both times the cops showed up and didn’t do shit. Apparently I pay them to give me speeding tickets and that’s it. Probably they knew him. I work in a bar and a Drunk guy enters my bar very intoxicated, I refused to serve him and called the police on him, the guy drove off but the police did arrest him because he was the son of another cop.