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Our cul-de-sac is small, I could tell you every name of everyone & their kids, their pets, what they do for a living & when they come & go. I mean, not like we all stalk each other, just – these neighbors & I live at the end & we have cul de sac parties and shit. We kinda guard the entrance we joke & talk endlessly about putting in a toll gate.

Exactly Nice Star War The Mandalorian Baby Yd Ugly Christmas T-shirt


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I knew it was a mistake when she came back from the summer studying at a conservatory program and had started (at least) an emotional affair with another student. But stupid 20-something me refused to call it off. Then we moved across the country, hated each other, and split up in about nine months. She was also rumored to have cheated on me again with a classmate and is now married to that guy and had a baby. One of the biggest reasons we split up was that she said she was never having children (despite many precious talks of. starting a family). The second marriage is five years strong now. Hopefully about to upgrade our living situation and start planning for a kid.