Everyday I Miss My Friend Support Suicide Prevention Awareness Shirt

Black Lives Do Matter, doesn’t mean black crimes don’t matter. Goes for everyone but seems to be an issue with Jacob Blake in Kenosha. Read the reason the cops were there in the first place. Doesn’t excuse what happened with the cops but he shouldn’t be held as a hero or martyr. Your idealism is great, but very few people give a fuck. Telling everyone you know is just going to annoy them.

Everyday I Miss My Friend Support Suicide Prevention Awareness Shirt 


Everyday I Miss My Sister Support Suicide Prevention Awareness Shirt 


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Example: imagine a small business owner who opposes welfare programs because he hates poor people and doesn’t want to be taxed to pay for them. He would actually be better off if those poor people that he hates were well taken care of though because there would be less crime, lower insurance rates, and more customers for his business.

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