Entered Passed Raised Masonic Shirt

I would keep the box in my room and think for a few days what to do with until it would occur to me, I can not do something, without experiencing it firsthand, so I would then sit in the box for a few days as I pondered what another normal human being would do with it until I realized, it doesn’t matter what I do because someone has already done it, I would then strive to make myself differ from the rest of society.

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Entered Passed Raised Masonic Shirt

I decided I would meditate inside the box for even longer until I would come to question my existence and what the true meaning of life is until I would finally, realize, the purpose is a box… Nah I’m jk I would totally f*ck the box. When I got my PC last year I didn’t really have a desk so the box became my desk for about a month….it was a sturdy damn box

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