Eeyore If You Think I’m Short You Should See My Patience Shirt

My stomach. I’ve been insecure about my body my entire life and have a shitty body image and I’ve been through a lot from being chubby to losing weight than to an extreme eating disorder that made me look and feel like a walking skeleton to now trying to be healthy and recover but I just feel so disgusting and insecure and wish I could go back to just being like before even tho I really don’t want to look like I’m dying I still do. As time went on I realized the only reason I wanted a relationship was because I didn’t know who I was, and I thought having another person in my life would fill in those holes. It isn’t until I was able to do the hard work of beginning to fill in those holes for myself, that I could see a relationship as something beyond satisfying my own selfish needs. Which of course, is no relationship at all.

Eeyore If You Think I’m Short You Should See My Patience Shirt


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I’m 27 and they’re super crooked. Everyone around me has super pretty nice white straight teeth and mine are all jacked up. I was poor growing up and my parents were alcoholics so they never really cared to save money to get me braces. Just being alive. Seeing images of thin, beautiful females every day makes me feel less than. I feel like it’s hard to matter in my country’s society unless you are attractive. I will never be able to live up to these standards and it makes me feel extremely insecure.