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If my mom had aborted me I would have zero opinion. If my mom hadn’t aborted my younger sibling she would have stayed with my abusive alcoholic and drug-addicted father who beat women and later would try to molest seven years old me at a family gathering, and again when I was a teenager. I am so thankful my mother had that abortion. Would have been awesome if my parents aborted me. I’d either not exist and never have an opinion on abortion or if Christian heaven is real I would have been sent straight to heaven without having to deal with all this bullshit on earth. Sounds like a win-win.

Dreadlocks Girl She’s Beautiful She’s Grace She’ll Punch You In The Face Shirt

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My dad is an irresponsible asshole that trapped her into marriage when she was just 18, emotionally tortured my mother for 10 years they were married and then left her standing alone to care for 3 children. I was the youngest and they separated when I was a year old. He never paid child support or did more than call once a year. He is an emotionally scarred man and so was my mother who needed years of therapy to be somewhat ok. I was mainly raised by a narcissistic grandmother and I felt alone most of my childhood

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