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Remember the OP was asking for some examples of good things. It wasn’t designed to offset all the bad. Just like he donates his salary like every president since Kennedy has. Set aside all his gritting, at least he has kept with some tradition. I’m pointing this out so people don’t get so angry about this. You can find something decent about anyone if you look. Doesn’t make them a decent person.

Dr Seuss Today You Are You That Is True Than True Hoodie

Dr Seuss Today You Are You That Is True Than True Shirt

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As for someone who doesn’t care about who’s in office, I can say he really has done a lot for this country. The stock market reached all-time highs, he’s made deals with China that had to do with tariffs. China owes the US a ton of money but no one wants to believe that. Financially speaking, Trump has made this country’s economy better in the last 8 years than Obama. Trump being in office, has made me a ton of money over the last couple of months.

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