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I was annoyed that there wasn’t a mega thread for this press conference. Biden answered tough questions from reporters and he did quite well. It is still amazing to me how much tougher they are with democratic reps than the White House To be fair Trump’s a baby and when the press asks tough questions they lose access. They should do so any way of course, but there is at least a perverse incentive to throw softball questions which explains their behavior.

Dominic Thiem Champion US Open Signature Shirt


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Third, Trump hasn’t had to go toe to toe with a competitor in four years. Even when he’s taking tough interviews and tough questions from the press, it’s his spotlight and microphone, so he gets the last word. It won’t happen with the debate. The best he can do is talk over people. Biden is going to be the first person in four years to stand next to him and say directly to the American people “you really want this fool to be the president? Come on.”