Doctor Who 57th Anniversary 1963 2020 Characters Signatures Shirt

They haven’t “contorted” (I assume you actually meant distorted) the question at all. There’s been a decades-long internal discussion about whether Taiwan is China, part of China, or an independent state. Political parties and individuals hold various views on the matter. Like any real-life issue, it’s complicated. If you go to Taiwan you will indeed see old license plates that say “Taiwan Province”, but that simply refers to the administrative division called “Taiwan Province” which covered less than 30% of the entire population of Taiwan (the island). The red area on the map was “Taiwan Province”.

Doctor Who 57th Anniversary 1963 2020 Characters Signatures Shirt

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Unfortunately, this country and others I’m afraid of are keen to control us. Or at least control the narrative. I believe that if we continue to keep feeding a country with such a different perspective on life then our own beliefs such as freedom of thought speech and action we are selling out our next generations. This is right now the perfect time to change things for the good of everything. Our children our planet our freedoms.