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I genuinely don’t know what impact it would have, but it would be amazing to see Americans have universal healthcare. Just for maybe one presidential term. Because, I believe if they had four years of never having to experience worry about healthcare or its cost it could change the country so much. But maybe your corporate propaganda would twist people’s minds against it too much. From experience, I have come to have nothing but disdain for the health insurance industry and those doctors who are either careless about their diagnosis treatment or greedy for charging an insane amount of money for a 15-minute visit.

This is one of the reasons why I’m like PFT if I get COVID I’m not going to the hospital unless I’m literally dying. If you suspect it of being COVID and you are wrong you are stuck with the bill, if it is COVID, and you are right, you are left hoping they pay. No sir, I may not be able to go on vacation this year but I still don’t want to use the health insurance I am required to have these days to avoid higher taxes. It’s almost like we should just have universal healthcare that will not cost most of us significantly more and that we would actually be comfortable using if we got sick…huh… what a crazy idea.