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When none of the reporting had stated “mini-strokes” as well – pretty much confirming that he was receiving cognitive testing for any signs of damage caused by cluster strokes caused by TIAs. Also, his noticeably different tweeting schedule, heavier than usual reliance on retweets, and reduced schedule suggests he’s having frequent therapy to try and recover from his medical incident and his public performance shows that it’s not going great. Also, since he likely hasn’t made any necessary changes to his diet or lifestyle and probably is just heavily medicated, he most likely is at extreme risk for future TIAs.

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Brazen lies and immediate deflection is their MO. Just like when DonJr was seeing rumors of him on coke and immediately says “you’re getting me confused with Hunter Biden huehue”. And considering Hunter has acknowledged issues with drugs in the past it shows what a despicable POS longer is. It’s like the world’s worst poker tell. If you think you know the truth, just accuse him of it, wait for the lie denying it, and if he then says that ACTUALLY, Biden is the one who <accusation>, then you know it’s true.