Dia De Muertos Concept With Hand Drawn Shirt

Bro, she’s literally resisting and assaulting the police. she’s lucky they’re Australian police or she would be tasered and hit with a fucking baton, or worse. the female officer standing idly looking confused tells me they probably called her out to the location specifically because the person in question is female, which leads me to believe at least 15 minutes of talking happened prior to this being filmed. To the people complaining that he is choking her, he’s holding her by the jaw, which prevents her from being able to bite him or his partner. He also attempts to put her in a ground hold, which is why he tries to plant an arm between her bent leg and her straight one.

Obviously the damn girl probably pissed the police off so badly that they decided to do something. Also, something happened before this and I already know the Australians got their shit together especially with their police. This ain’t America so I’m siding with the police on this+ you should be wearing a mask at this point. It’s been public knowledge and if you’re not wearing one you’re just putting everyone in harms way just for your sake of convenience