Dia De Los Muertos Sugar Skull Shirt

Chain companies are starting to upcharge their drinks to $3 range or more w tax etc when the only options anyway are Pepsi, diet, mountain dew, and a lousy tasting lemonade that found a way to put more sugar in than MT dew. Those are the first places it was easy to start saying, Nah ill just have water, YOU are the cheap one!

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Dia De Los Muertos Sugar Skull Shirt

I did this too. Around the end of January this year I decided I needed to lose a few pounds so I started counting calories. Then I came across some stuff online (Sugar: the bitter truth by Robert Lustig, in particular). I stopped eating added sugar. I don’t really drink coke etc. so it was mostly in other processed stuff. At first, it was hard because it’s in EVERYTHING but I managed it.

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