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We had one of these pop up a week ago. I’m surprised this is the first comment mentioning that it’s a trained bird. Same tell as last time when it lands it’s looking for meat on the selfie stick to eat as its reward. I know the Parahawking project is currently in San Diego, but I think it did a brief stint in South Africa after being shut down in Nepal in 2017. It ran in Pokhara, Nepal for almost a decade. I did this flight in Pokhara and this video does not resemble the Himalayas I remember, so it is most likely SA or San Diego. But I could be wrong.

Death One Day You’ll Be Right Live Everyday Like It’s Your Last Shirt

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The government of Nepal confiscated all birds. One of which was a booted eagle called Barry that had been given to the Parahawking Project for care by the British Embassy in Kathmandu after being mauled by a dog and had extensive feather damage. Barry was taken in by Kathmandu Central Zoo who insisted he was a black kite and eventually released him to a nearby forest despite not being able to fly at the time.

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