Cute Yes I Really Do Need All These Otters Shirt

Yup, the CEO of Goya said something about Trump and how he is “one of the best things to happen to America” This upset a large number of Hispanic people who then boycotted Goya as they are one of the largest purchasers of the product. Conservatives started buying them for no other reason to “own the libs” and “support the president” don’t know if it’s because of this photo though. So meanwhile Trump (and Ivanka) wasted no time praising Goya because, as I said, nothing means more to Trump than personal praise.

Cute Yes I Really Do Need All These Otters HoodieCute Yes I Really Do Need All These Otters Hoodie

Cute Yes I Really Do Need All These Otters Shirt

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The thing that gets me is like, out of all the things Trump has done and whether they’re illegal or not, this is blatantly illegal. You can’t use the oval office to sell things. But it just doesn’t matter anymore. The really sad thing is just how easily Trump is manipulated by flattery and then goes above and beyond. In this case, people insulted his temporary new friend with the boycott so he does this. And we have expert manipulators like Putin who use the carrot and the stick to easily get anything they want from Trump.

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