Cute Sugar Skull Chihuahua Day Of The Dead Shirt

It’s 1988, I’m 7 years old. My brother and I are laughing at the word “fart.”. We’re driving home from dinner at Grandma’s downtown in the backseat of a Honda civic on the Gardiner expressway back to Etobicoke. We argue over who gets to sleep on Dad’s down jacket that he took off to drive. My mom is telling us not to say “fart” because it’s a bad word. It only makes us say it more. It’s so dark on the side roads back to Bloor Street. Just the pink-orange street lights.

Cute Sugar Skull Chihuahua Day Of The Dead Shirt


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Sugar Skull Girl Day Of The Dead Shirt

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Sugar Skull Day Of The Dead Shirt


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Especially when it was spitting as well, it was like there were teams, and they were racing to the bottom, but there were obstacles and attacks from the enemy team, and some droplets would get striked and gutted on their way down. But the tough ones just plowed thru or picked up their fallen allies to help them make it to the bottom…