Cute Skull Harley Davidson Motorcycles Metallica T-Shirt

So a few years back I was driving back from a shooting range in charleston, I noticed an Indian man with a suitcase at a gas station while filling up. I had nothing on my plate so I offered him a ride and he asks to go to the local ground station in very broken English. When we got there he buys a few beers and I’m sitting outside to see him off cause he’s a cool dude and I started talking with a few of the others waiting around there.


Cute Skull Harley Davidson Motorcycles Metallica T-Shirt

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Nice Harley Davidson Motorcycles Slipknot T-Shirt

Official LGBT Stitch I Licked It So It’s Mine Shirt

Official Skull Harley Davidson Motorcycles Slayer T-Shirt

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Weekend Forecast Crochet With No Chance Of House Cleaning Of Cooking Shirt

This one family came in a mom, dad, and their daughter who was probably 5-6 years old. I overheard the mother say in a disappointed tone “looks like there’s no Daisy pin here either” to her daughter. I actually had a Daisy Duckpin that I was keeping to give to my sister, but I had other trade fodder pins I could give her, so I decided to give the Daisy pin to the little girl.

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