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Deputy Commissioner Khyber Mahmood Aslam said a review was being conducted in order to proceed with legal action over the matter. Geo News/via The News In comments shortly afterward, MNA Afridi admitted that the plantation campaign had been carried out on the private property.” These aren’t just locals, the trees were planted by Imran khan and members and followers of a rival party decided to tear them out because even though they would do a lot of good, the fact that a rival put them there makes it worth ripping out.

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A reminder that racism is not tolerated on this subreddit, or you will be banned like the other thousands. There’s a certain ambiguity in that given the varying definitions of racism across communities on this platform. We allow more speech and discussion here than most while still clamping down on attacks, incitement of violence, hated based on identity/vulnerability, harassment, etc. For example, a group of people has been banned from this thread for expressing that you’re “less than” for being from Pakistan. This still allows for harsh criticism of Pakistan, and other subjects of various videos submitted here. We’re constantly examining and second-guessing where the proper line is.

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