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He’s legendary for getting into confrontations in stores, airports, you name it. He’s like catnip to traffic cops. Long before I knew how to drive, I knew how to spot the cop that’s been following you for the last half mile, just hoping that this tan motherfucker in the beat-up pickup truck forgets a turn signal or rolls through a stop sign. Homeboy’s just been cruising through life, thinking that it could all be chalked up to rudeness.

Cute President Trump 2024 I’ll Be Back Shirt


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As much as we laugh about it, it’s also really fucking tragic, watching a man in his sixties suddenly realize that maybe it wasn’t a coincidence that the cops in his neighborhood singled him out more than anyone else, and we’re always a little harsher on him. Watching him try to come up with a reason for why he was the only one on our block not invited to the neighbor’s kid’s wedding, despite being the first person said neighbor turns to for help with yard work or fixing a car or just hanging out and drinking a beer.