Cute Nagri Jackboys Rapper Album Shirt

And since I know maybe five people here have been to Magic you literally have to walk through that area he’s photographed in to pick up your food. He could’ve gone to go pick up food, AND also hang out at the strip club. The 2 aren’t mutually exclusive. The fact that Harlow deleted the pic so quickly and tried to brush it off is at least somewhat suspect. Its okay man, Let these people talk about shit they have no knowledge about or control over.

Cute Nagri Jackboys Rapper Album Shirt

Cute Nagri Jackboys Rapper Album Shirt



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A few days more than the 4-7 day range they previously established for re-entering otherwise is a fair decision IMO. Dallas is going to be the first team to play against Lou Will without pooty for 10 days. Expect that to be a scary game. I don’t understand why it’s not a 14-day quarantine no matter where he went. Not just him, if the normal quarantine time in the real world is 14 days then what’s this 4-7 day business?

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