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I’m sorry, but your comment history says you have 4 science degrees? and that you have a company car and cell phone and full health benefits just 7 days ago. what happened now? you also claimed you made $500 UI benefits from your state and another $600 from the feds, did you not save that for rent? and didn’t you also say you could get another job in an instant in that same comment? And the good homeless are not going to shelters either. But trust me you see us still. You just think we’re the bad homeless.

Cute Llama Rainbow Flag Lgbtqia Gay Pride Shirt

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I could get a decent job again in an instant. People desperate here, but why would I? I’ve managed to save 10,000 dollars in the last 6 months, I’ve rebuilt both my cars, installed a new solar system in one of them for camping. I’ve picked up an old hobby of photography. If you think a guy with an engineering degree, a 100% paid for the health insurance program, a company car, company credit card, and above-median pay has a bad job…you’re just as clueless as most on Reddit.

















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