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CBA doesn’t overwrite state laws. The MLBPA may have been fine Cute Idiots Idiots Everywhere Shirt with it in the past, but these days it’s literally illegal to discriminate based on hair in the workplace at least in New York. Black men being forced to cut their dreads is literally one of the reasons why that law exists too. I just trim with clippers on the shortest setting. It leaves me with about a 3-day stubble which seems to be a socially acceptable amount of stubble without it qualifying as a ‘beard’. The same, the only reason I have a beard is that I hate shaving. BTW, if you do have to shave, I recommend going with the old school safety razors. They’re cheaper and give you a better shave with less irritation. Our company, through corporate, had a strict policy of no facial hair except for a mustache. One of the guys in another department, back of the house with no guest interaction. Got sent home a few times because he didn’t shave that morning.

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