Cute Have No Fear Grandpa Is Here Flower Shirt

I, as a South Dakotan, would like to apologize on behalf of those of us who are actually decent people for producing such a vile and hateful twatwaffle. I know people who went to high school with her, she was a few years behind me and said she was such an entitled little c-word that rhymes with a bunt. She demanded the school give her her own parking spot and such. But she is so loved in this disgustingly conservative state.  There are at least a few thousand immigrant families with their children that fit the bill, Tomi.

Cute Have No Fear Grandma Is Here Flower Hoodie

Cute Have No Fear Grandpa Is Here Flower Shirt



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I just love how the same people who bitch about “caging” healthy people don’t seem to have a problem with the literal caging of immigrants and asylum-seekers. Yay ‘Murrica? Because fucking why? Your freedom to spread the disease to others? The government does shit all the time for the public good. I get the economy is being ravaged and it sucks staying at home. But that’s why it’s not just about you, you fucking Karen. Everyone is suffering and nobody is gaining from this. It’s not a worldwide conspiracy to keep your sorry ass inside.

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