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“He can’t fathom the idea of doing something for someone other than himself,” one of Kelly’s friends, a retired four-star general, told me. “He just thinks that anyone who does anything when there’s no direct personal gain to be had is a sucker. There’s no money in serving the nation.” Kelly’s friend went on to say, “Trump can’t imagine anyone else’s pain. That’s why he would say this to the father of a fallen Marine on Memorial Day in the cemetery where he’s buried.” Putting aside all the red herring wedge issues like abortion, this is the great divider in American politics. If you’re a republican, you probably don’t give a shit about something if it somehow doesn’t benefit you directly.

Cute DRG One Car Champion Shirt


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There’s a huge chasm in mentality between each side, and no amount of arguments from the Left to appeal to the better nature of the Right in regards to socialized healthcare, immigration, refugees, prison reform, etc. will ever work. They don’t have that ‘better nature’; no desire whatsoever to care for another human if there is any cost at all to themselves. In 2018 he didn’t make time either to visit the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery in France with 2500 dead American WWI soldiers. In fact, he called them “losers.”