Cute Doc Dwarf Halloween Costume Shirt

The Core Gundam is a special series of the Build Divers kits (a subset of the Build series as a whole). It’s the protagonist Gundam, and the main one has armor/suit names styled after a planet and its number position in the solar system. Mercury, Veetwo, Earthrise, Marsfour, etc. Bandai does sell armor packs without core Gundams in some cases, but for each Core Gundam (yes there are multiple) they will be at least one armor set + Gundam combo. Here’s a list of all Core Gundams, variants, and support packs. All other Build Divers kits like the Justice Knight, Wodom Pod, Momokapool, blah blah blah, don’t have Core Gundams.

Cute Doc Dwarf Halloween Costume Shirt

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