Cows Witch Boo Helfer Halloween Shirt

When the wind blows petals off of flowering trees and it swirls around you and smells nice. Bonus points if some petals get in my hair. My family and friends, kind and passionate people, watching people enjoy life, old poetry, art, books, the sea, a forest, the smell of early morning, classical music, dancing, joking, lifting weights, cooking, eating, tending a garden, helping someone, ironing, good conversation.

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Cows Witch Boo Helfer Halloween Shirt

Like if I were an eternal being I would feel an overwhelming responsibility to be God. As it is I am just some silly fool who only participates in a similar amount of time as others. No real pressure to do more than anyone else. My toddler’s giggle when he thinks he snuck some popsicles out of the freezer. The popsicles are actually frozen orange slices with kebab skewers

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