Coolest Pumpkin In The Patch Halloween Shirt

I tried some detail painting for my RG Sazabi using Acrylic paint and using acrylic thinner to remove the excess, here is the aftermath. My question is how can I remove the somewhat excess paint that looks like it blended in with the plastic, the paint was left alone for a couple of minutes while I clean the other parts, the same thing happened. What brand paint and thinner? Looks to me like you wiped into your plastic using a dirty q-tip and it deposited. If you were using a not safe for plastic thinner this could happen.

Coolest Pumpkin In The Patch Halloween Shirt

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This will be my first real grade kit and I have built a total of three gunplay. It will also be my first time dealing and top coating a gunpla if I were to choose one of the two. I have found both at the same price, but RG Exia will be on sale in about a week from now. My question is which gunpla kit is much better and why?















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