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We took a trip last year to his home country and the fish out of water feeling was absolutely unreal. My Spanish was awful at that point so communication required effort and for the very first time, I was hyperaware of being the only person in the group of my color and background. It was a very important experience that helped me understand a tiny little bit of the otherness that he has felt his whole life.

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This is something I had to sit down and explain to my girlfriend, as many instances just go right over her head. Things like “what to expect if he has kids” , what she will encounter when we visit my mother in Alabama, the troubles I get to enjoy while working a job out where we are located and when I’m house hunting. She understands but is visibly shocked that people still act that way. But yeah. Not going to bring “bad orange man” into the conversation, but things have become more noticeable since that certain person took office.