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While I get this is supposed to be a funny one, I actually was born at a very young age…3 months premature! In 1987, a 3-month premature baby was a pretty dicey situation. My parents allowed the doctors to do some lung treatments that at the time were still very new. I spent a long time in an incubator and had a feeding tube…the scar makes it look like I have two bellybuttons, which I used to think was super neat when I was a kid. All in all, I turned out fine. I have two kids of my own who were born healthy and on time. I guess I just wanted to share my somewhat serious story on this otherwise lighthearted thread just in case any other parents of preemies happen to read. Even if your baby is born ‘at a very young age’, there is hope that everything can be ok!

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I was also born three months prematurely. My Mom said that I was so desperate to be born in the same month as my older brother that I was coming out of her with my legs down as she was in the front passenger seat while my Dad was driving to the hospital. I was born with a weak heart muscle and grew up with a lot of health problems now. I’m wondering what my life would be like if I was born as a full-term baby instead of a premature baby.

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