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This is the nail in the coffin. Joe and his big shot lawyers MUST have known about this. It would’ve been in the contract/legal docs. I really hope Joe pushes back on this. In the meantime I’ll be enjoying other podcasts – check out Tim Dillon, Lex Fridman, Tangentially Speaking just to name a few. Joe’s contract is going to mean everything in this, I hope he had a great lawyer and he really went through everything in his contract. If Spotify somehow breaches their agreement with him, he should be able to walk away with the $100m.

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Colorful Unicorn Gun Pew Pew Pew Madafakas Shirt

If this were to get out of hand and threaten the legit aspect of this being a real deal show, I could deff see how just writing the check back to them and saying “you came to me for my product and there is no changing my product. Take care and go fuck your mother then, here’s your cashback.” And I think it would make it more valuable if that happened and could possibly get a bigger deal Somewhere else.

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