Colorful I Need Coffee You Need A Shut The Fucupcake Shirt

GOP vs. Dem doesn’t actually mean anything when the most violent police departments are also those in cities. CPD officers here aren’t voting Republican, because that’s not a realistic option in Chicago. They are, however, backing any generally reactionary shithead who slaps a D on their name and runs for office. Not sure an app creator is really a reliable source here. They claim this is based on FEC campaign contribution data which is problematic at best as that is not a random poll. There could be a large number of left or right-leaning people who just don’t contribute.

Colorful I Need Coffee You Need A Shut The Fucupcake Shirt

Still, yeah, you’re completely right to be making that assumption. I’m thinking that a lot has changed in recent years. My father was in law enforcement back in Iran, college-educated, and after moving to the states, he was able to get on the local force after a few years, then moved into state police. He never raised his hand to my mother or me — she probably would have left his ass or cut something off if he had, heh. He even advised me against following in his footsteps, because he’d seen a shift in his last years there, starting in the early 2000s.

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