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Only I can define who I am. Labels do not define me. I’m not supposed to have a definition of who I am. Who I have to be beyond words (that’s at least how I describe my sense of oneness with myself). That is me I want people to know. If I feel like I’m straining to make a friendship work, then it’s not working and it’s time to move on. I’m worthy of good friends, friends who treat me well. I gave too many second chances to so-called friends, and some of them learned they could simply continue abusing our friendship. It’s really better to be alone than to cling to an unhealthy friendship.

Coffee Zoom Teach Repeat Teacher Life 2020 Shirt


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Don’t plan your life around your significant others when in high school and early 20s. I’m with a wonderful man now. But I often reflect on all of the things I really love to do and how I wish I would’ve done them sooner. Such as traveling. My highschool sweetheart and I planned on settling down right away. Not going to school for something I’m passionate about. I wish I would’ve taken courses/classes to go into a career of studying elephants. And actually go to Africa and Asia to see them. A side perk would be traveling. Not honestly looking into the military as a viable option.