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Tell that to the two people killed last night by a militia member who was supported by the police, while carrying underage (therefore breaking the law), and was allowed to walk after admitting to two killings. The problem referred to here is not the failure of the police unloading into the back of a man who could have been subdued by other means but rather the abject failure of the police to do their job to protect the people through a thorough investigation of ongoing events.

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Let me first tell you where I’m coming from. Trump is an absolute shithead and the worst president that America has ever seen. I have supported Democrats in every election since 2004 and will be enthusiastically voting for Biden this year. In this situation, you have a man who has a warrant for domestic abuse. You put him under arrest, he fights you. You take him, it doesn’t work. He is now walking to his car, ignoring commands to stop, and you don’t know what is in that car.