Charlie Brown I Still Miss David Bowie Shirt

Also, we can have female friends if we’re with you. We ain’t about to change our friend groups for you. We let you be friends with other men, so we expect the same back. Same as respect. We respect you and don’t push you into things. You don’t give a damn about our thoughts and try to pressure us too much. Just because we aren’t in hysterics, doesn’t mean our emotions aren’t shattered. We are humans. We feel like you do. We keep it all in, as we know showing sigh s if being upset may upset others or bring unnecessary attention when we just need some time alone.

I think they believe we’re all just walking meat sticks always looking for a hotter piece of ass and the right excuse to ditch them and fuck new pussy. That we view them just like a new sports car; something fun, beautiful, and only there to show off to others. Yes, people like Trump are like this because they have mental problems. Normal mentally healthy men don’t think like this (at least, none I’ve ever met).

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