Cat In Search Of Schrodinger’s Cat John Gribbin Shirt

I hated when conservatives couldn’t find anything good in Obama, hated when liberals couldn’t find anything good with Trump (although, to be fair, Trump’s arrogance and combative nature has made it way more difficult a task than Obama or any other official has in my memory of US politics). Trump is forcing hospitals to disclose their pricing in an effort to bring down healthcare costs and increase transparency.

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Cat In Search Of Schrodinger's Cat John Gribbin Shirt

I know its controversial, but pretty much every politician agreed in the 90’s and earlier that border security and closed borders was essential to not only national security but also economic stability. So, I’m glad that he’s at least started the wall-building process. I’m an immigrant myself, and honestly, I think most immigrants understand this, too. Doesn’t mean they like it though.

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