Born To Be A Witch Forced To Work Black Cat Halloween Shirt

It’s the politicians. America doesn’t operate like a Democracy anymore (there is almost ZERO correlation between public opinion on issues and how politicians vote)- it operates as an Oligarchy (there is a HIGH correlation between what the top 0.1% think and how politicians act). Rise. Challenge. Fight. The temperature is rising and we will be cooked alive. Do not stop fighting. Find new ways to protest. Buy local. Support small businesses. Unionize. Read history books. Buy guns. Turn to your fellow man and remind him that you are on the same side. The billionaire class is not your friend. The police are not your friend. Any system put in place by those in power is a means to control and remain in power.

Born To Be A Witch Forced To Work Black Cat Halloween Shirt

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We can either be the spark that ignites the raging flames of change through (hopefully) a peaceful revolution, or we will be the fodder and kindling that is set alight to burn down the ideals we hold dear. Those have come to be the only two roads we can choose at this juncture. It is up to us as individuals to band together. No one is going to do this for us but us.

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