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ven if you try to say, “Well he’s protecting his daughter,” he hadn’t even asked what happened yet. Just went to pick up a FOURTEEN YEAR OLD BOY and punch him. If that was my kid he picked up, we’d no longer be family. Period. Besides, he probably knows she’s a little turd and hit him. She could probably get away with murder and he’d shrug it off. OP was bleeding, she was screaming, and he asked NO questions until he was called off the poor boy.

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I could see the protection instinct come in when their child was attacked but if you, as an adult, can’t control your own rage and need others to stop you or keep holding the grudge much later in what seems to be a trivial family issue, you probably have ridiculous anger issues. This. I mean I can’t pretend that I didn’t want to go to school and trip a kid when my daughter told me that a kid was picking on her. I didn’t though because I’m a grown ass woman. 14 year old is not a baby but damn he’s still a kid. Grow up uncle.

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