Black Pink How You Like That Shirt

Which case they could have revealed it if true. I guess my thought is to get the word out as soon as you can so fans have more time to buy/save for preorders. Also, I have to imagine there would be more people that would be willing to splurge on an actual studio album by black ink than another Black Pink How You Like That Shirt. That’s just my theory though, I would love for YG to prove me wrong. Good thing I went to sleep right before the news dropped. I would’ve been screaming inside all up until YG confirmed it. Finally!!!!! I hope it will be June 12, cuz if they choose June 5. Their first week points won’t have an advantage on those music shows against TWICE. Of course, they can. But what I say is the chart points of the first week. TWICE’s comeback is June 1, they will have 4 days advantage against. If it’s June 5 on music shows the point of the first week. And it’s hard to tell BP can really have decent leads in the following weeks or not.

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Black Pink How You Like That Shirt

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