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What is really infuriating is that, once they let him leave, they inherently lose the ability to administer field sobriety tests or blood draws. It’s not something you can come back to in a day or 2. If he did, in fact, get to walk away, I doubt he could be charged with anything related to DUI – these videos don’t prove he was intoxicated, as many others identified, it “could” be a concussion. Not familiar with California law, but I’m an attorney in PA. It’s LAPD. 1) Their “investigation” into the response probably doesn’t even exist. 2) being actual policy doesn’t matter to them nor does doing a good job policing and 3) dude wasn’t black so they wanted to do the below the bare minimum.

Black Panther Wakanda Forever Rip Chadwick Bosman 1977 2020 Thank You For The Memories Signature Shirt

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LAPD doesn’t really care about this stuff, I got my car hit once by a clearly underage drunk driver with two other underaged passengers and at the end, he go out Scott free cause they didn’t wanna make a police report. To be fair nobody was injured but the cop didn’t seem too eager to be around this kind of incident . I live in LA, this is awful to watch but LAPD had their budget slashed and aren’t allowed to do their jobs without public criticism anymore. My guess is they will be doing the minimum and view everything as a civil issue. Her friend will have to go to court or hope he had insurance.