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I’m also going to point out for context that I have pretty mild tinnitus and that I most likely got it from playing the trumpet. I’ve had it since i was around 10-12 and I had a very hard time sleeping the first year or two. Now 15ish years later I’m used to it but it sometimes gets “louder” for a day or two and I have to listen to music, podcast, or something in order to sleep. Everyone is talking about it being some miracle thing online but I’ve never actually heard that it works for anyone I’ve met in person with tinnitus for more than a few seconds.

Black Panther Fuck Cancer Shirt


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AFAIK it’s a variation of a fairly real acoustic masking therapy. If you play a tone that is close in spectrum and volume to the tinnitus, it tends to switch it off for some time, from tens of seconds to several hours. The cover-your-ears exercise tend to produce a variety of tones in the right range, so it kinda works sometimes for a little.

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