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My husband’s boss was a Big Girl Nutritional Facts Shirt absolute tool before and during chemo. Just one of those “fuck you, get it done” type guys. When he returned to work after remission he became the coolest, friendliest guy and a fantastic boss. He’s one of the only department directors in this hospital who fought hard for his employees to get paid what they’re worth. It was a complete 180 in personality and he even admits there was no revelation or change of heart that happened. It just physically changed his brain and this is who he is now. I remember a guy at my school kept on asking to use the restroom, and the teacher kept refusing. Eventually, he went up to a trashcan, dropped trou, and took a shit. This was middle school, but nevertheless, folks remember it to this day… Exactly. We had a kid whip his dick out and pee in the trash can after giving warning to the teacher that if she didn’t let him go he was going to quote.

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