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I wonder how the suicide rate has been affected. I’d think it would go up a little due to economic stress like people losing work and depression from being stuck indoors. But then there’s also a little bit of relief that comes with the pandemic. Like not having to deal with work stress in the office, and a feeling like you finally have a good excuse to be a lazy shit and get nothing accomplished rather than feeling like you should be doing 1,000 different things but you aren’t and so ya think of yourself as a failure. But overall I’d think suicide would have increased this year significantly. Especially with all the job losses. I expect it will keep rising as the economic impacts hit harder and harder, and the Republican government refusing to do anything to help.

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As you wish. While the chart is good, and puts COVID-19 in the third place, behind heart disease and cancer, take into consideration that those two items often take years to bring about death, and have some underlying cause: Lifestyle, genetics, etc. COVID-19 has only been a problem less than a year and looks like it’s going to get worse. Hell, since January 1, half the deaths in New York, according to the second chart, were from COVID.

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