Biden Harris 2020 Vintage Retro Shirt

The Hamburg court decided that there was no legal basis for a vocational school to deny a 16-year-old woman who insisted on attending classes fully veiled. As a reaction, many states started to look into changing their school laws to explicitly regulate clothing. Education is a state matter in Germany. Baden-Württemberg is the first state that has now implemented such a law, but others will probably follow. Some states have had similar clauses in their school laws before the Hamburg court case.

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Biden Harris 2020 Vintage Retro Shirt

When I was a kid, I wanted to absolutely wear a hijab as soon as possible. Why? Not to please some god, but to please my parents. Kids aren’t remotely capable of making such decisions, especially not with the prospect of eternal hell looming over you should you ever decide to take off the hijab. All sorts of religious coverings should be prohibited ideally till the age of 14, as this is the age you gain “unlimited” religious freedom in Germany.

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